Avocado lime taco plated

Avocado Lime Chicken Taco

  • Contains chicken

Savour the bold charm of our Chipotle Chicken Taco, where smoky chipotle-marinated chicken meets the creamy allure of Avocado Jalapeño Crema. Nestled in a soft tortilla, this handheld delight is a celebration of Mexican culinary artistry – a perfect balance of spice, creaminess, and freshness.


Calories: 461

Carbs: 39g

Fat: 9g

Protein: 56g


Chicken, avocado, garlic, onion powder, raw lime juice, dried oregano, kosher salt, black pepper, cumin, achiote paste* (annatto seed, corn meal, salt, garlic, spices, crushed chilis, vinegar, water, sodium benzoate, FD&C red #40), chipotle pepper, onion, tomato paste, soybean oil, Tortilla* (whole wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, baking powder, salt, potassium sorbate, sugars, hydrogenated vegetable oil, cornstarch, cellulose gum, maltodextrin, carrageenan, fumaric acid)


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