Chicken loaded baked potato plated

Chicken with Loaded Baked Potato

  • Contains chicken

Satisfy your hunger with the Shredded Chicken Bowl with a Loaded Baked Potato. Tender shredded chicken meets the classic goodness of a baked potato, topped with melted cheese, healthy turkey bacon bits, and a dollop of creamy sour cream. It’s a simple, satisfying bowl that brings together the savoury appeal of shredded chicken and the comforting flavors of a loaded baked potato. Dive into a straightforward, hearty meal that hits all the right notes with every bite.


Calories: 801

Carbs: 78g

Fat: 21g

Protein: 75g


Chicken, low sodium turkey bacon, broccoli, russet potatoes, low sugar bbq sauce* (water, vinegar, sugar/glucose-fructose, tomato paste, salt, modified cornstarch, spices, mustard, natural flavor, xanthan gum), low fat sour cream* (milk, modified milk ingredients, modified corn starch, propylene glycol, mono fatty acids, sodium phosphate, cellulose gel, carrageenan, cellulose gum, bacterial culture), reduced fat cheese* (mozzarella, light cheddar, light Monterey jack, jalapeno, partly skimmed milk, modified milk ingredients, salt, seasoning, bacterial culture, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme, color, cellulose powder, natamycin)


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